Athletic Programs

Therapeutic Recreation Center
2728 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL
Now, young children with Intellectual Disabilities can run, jump, kick a ball and play just like all the other kids through our Special Olympics Young Athletes™ Program. This sports play program focuses on the physical, social, intellectual and developmental needs of children ages 2 -7. The Young Athletes™ program provides a variety of physical activities such as coordination, basic motor skills, balance, running, and catching as well as developing sports skills and sports play.
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10559 Trails End
Parkland, FL
Parkland Buddy Sports, Inc is a not for profit organization that offers well-structured sports programs for special needs children and young adults. Regardless of the mental and/or physical diagnosis, the Buddy program welcomes children ages 4 to young adult. The sports programs consist of once weekly (Saturday or Sunday) activities and games.
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CMAA Therapeutic Recreation Complex, 2728 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth
Special Olympics Young Athletes is a fun sports play program for young children ages 2 –7 with Intellectual Disabilities, such as Autism and Down Syndrome, focusing on their physical, social, intellectual and developmental needs. Young athletes have fun participating in physical activities like dashes, games, songs and lead up sports skills; and while having fun, they are developing motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, sportsmanship, teamwork, social and language skills. Children and families play together, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved in our free Saturday morning Young Athletes program.
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7491 N. Federal Hwy, C5-180, Boca Raton
Notprofit dedicated to the introduction of the sport of surfing to children with special needs.
5697 Coral Ridge Dr, Coral Springs, Florida
Fitness, Social Activities, and More in Every Single Session. These martial arts classes help children in our community with special needs to increase attention, develop self-control, and grow into confident, shining adults.
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