AutismHelpOnline.com is an attempt to provide a central location for people who are parents or caregivers for those with special needs to be able to find and connect with helpful resources in Florida. Owned and managed by the mother and father of an autistic child, we hope that this website will offer another venue to help bring people together and provide them with information that they can use to enrich the lives of their loved ones. To that end, we have endeavored to try to cultivate a site that offers news, reviews, therapy and services listings, helpful tips, and community forums for discussion.

Although the site’s name prominently features “Autism” in the title and most of the features currently are related to Autism, almost anyone can use many of the services listed. Please check the excerpts and descriptions to see if they might be helpful for you.

This site is a volunteer, not-for-profit website. Any and all reviews and mentions of products or services are done for informational purposes only, and no remuneration is involved, nor is any endorsement implied unless otherwise stated. The site will continuously be growing and adding new features and content as we think of and have time to implement them. If you have suggestions for something you’d like to see, please use the Submit Info links at the top of this site to let us know.

Thank you for visiting, and God bless you and yours.

– Rachel and Jake